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Welcome to our Career Expo where prestigious companies and qualified applicants come together. Our mission is "Simplifying your recruitment effort while putting qualified people to work". We help companies to accelerate growth and the economy to prosper. Companies save money and time in their recruitment effort and open doors for highly qualified applicants.

Happy Face Our Misson and Goal is to provide:

(1) High-Tech Job Placement through Career Expos
(2) Sales/Management Job Fairs
(3) Diversity and Minority Job Fairs
(4) Effective Resume Writing Skills
(5) Effective Interview Skills
(6) Job Re-training and Re-education programs

Our company, headquarted in Los Angeles, California, is one of the leaders in the high technology career fair industry. We produce high-tech career fairs that result in many hires for participating companies. Our client list outlines companies which have participated at our career fairs. Many of these companies are among the most prestigious Fortune 500 companies in the world.

Our aggressive advertising campaign ensures that our career fairs consistently bring in thousands of highly experienced technical professionals who are interested in opportunities as well as new careers. Our advertising outlines how we market our career fairs to the technical professionals. Also, we have included a Statistical Survey which evaluates the background of the attendees. Among the data surveyed, we analyzed the industries, disciplines, diversity, and current job functions of the applicants. The Cost Effectiveness Comparison justifies why it makes sense to do a job fair.

In Summary, our Career Expo attracts a large number of highly qualified candidates for your evaluation at a minimal cost. Our clients are extremely satisfied with the quality of hires resulting from our career fairs. We hope to see you too at our next career fair.

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