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Bridal Show Tips
"A bride's paradise for finding everything under one roof...."

You've finally made the most important decision of your life!!
Below we have provided you a list of things to consider before coming to a Bridal Mega Show. We want to ensure your day spent with us is productive.

  1. Prepare a list of items and services you need and set a budget for each item/service so that the show exhibitors may assist you with your plans.
  2. Bring your fiancÚ to the show. A decision can be made easily if he is there with you. Sometimes you will get the best bargains if you would commit to a service at the show. Approximately 30% of the shows attendees are men.
  3. Come early so that you can avoid the line and have lots of time to see each vendor and get good seats for the fashion show.
  4. Bring preprinted self-adhesive address labels. You'll need them at registration and at the exhibit booths.
  5. Wear your "Bride-to-be" sticker to receive special services and prizes opportunities from the exhibitors.
  6. Bring a pen and your checkbook just in case you want to actually book any services at the show. Be sure to check on refund policies before submitting a deposit and read the contract carefully.
  7. Collect all information you are interested in and study them at home and compare prices. Exhibitors may contact you at a later date to offer their services to you. You should compare prices and quality of service before committing to a service order.
  8. Arrive at least one hour prior to the fashion show as the show can get quite crowded. Seating is first come first served.

Come with pencil and paper - learn and SAVE!!


12 Months or More:

  • Choose location of ceremony
  • Select reception site
  • Buy wedding rings, order engraving

Six Months:
  • Order wedding gown
  • Reserve limousine service
  • Decide on budget
  • Decide type of wedding: Formal or Informal
  • Compile bride and groom's invitation list
  • Choose attendants
  • Select veil and accessories
  • Select attendant's gowns
  • Select men's formal wear
  • Plan details for reception, balloons and decorations
  • Select photographer and videographer
  • Select caterer
  • Select florist
  • Select bridal registry
  • Select music for ceremony and reception
  • Discuss honeymoon plans
  • Order wedding cake
Four Months:
  • Make reservations for rehearsal dinner
  • Order invitations, personal stationery and programs
  • Shop for trousseau
  • Find a new place to live
  • Shop for home furnishings
  • Set an appointment for a complete physical exam
  • Update your immunizations
  • Finalize honeymoon plans
Two Months:
  • Address wedding invitations
  • Select attendant's gifts
  • Call newspaper wedding announcement deadline
  • Set a date with your fiancÚ to get your marriage license
  • Reserve rental items for ceremony and reception

One Month:
  • Mail invitations
  • Arrange for final fittings on your gown
  • Remind bridesmaids of final gown fittings
  • Test new hairstyles & make-up for wedding day
  • Buy groom's wedding gift
  • Arrange lodging for out-of-town guests
  • Have a formal wedding portrait taken
  • Make reservations for bridesmaids' luncheon
  • Confirm honeymoon trip reservations
Two Weeks:
  • Record wedding gifts as you receive them and write thank you cards and send them out
  • Double check attire and accessories for all members of the wedding party
  • Confirm time & date of wedding rehearsal with members of the wedding party
  • Review reception-seating plans and prepare place cards, if necessary
  • Arrange to move your belongings to your new home
  • Schedule appointment with hairdresser and manicurist
  • Arrange for name change on your bank account, credit cards, driver license, etc.
  • Arrange for a professional to preserve and heirloom your gown and flowers
One Week:
  • Have final consultation with caterer, florist, musicians and photographers
  • Give final count to reception facility and caterer
  • Host bridesmaids' luncheon
  • Begin packing for honeymoon trip

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